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A professional desktop design software

Autocad is a comprehensive graphic design system used by creatives, engineers, architects and other professionals. The software allows you to simulate and animate complex 2D and 3D designs. Proficiency requires significant training but offers powerful and advanced features. For users who are interested in autocad and would like to download it free for pc there is a free trial for 30 days. 

A fundamental tool

Computer-aided design (CAD) is used for the creation, modification, and optimization of models. Proficiency in this software is essential for many industries. AutoCad software for PC has specialized tool sets for drafting and editing architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical design, and prototyping.

Industry-specific features

AutoCAD includes industry-specific features and libraries that meet all of the various standards. Architects are able to create floor plans, sections, walls, windows, doors and other building design drawings. Electrical engineers can design schematic diagrams, panel layouts, and use project standards.

There are advanced GIS technologies with AutoCAD Map 3D. You can use task-based tools to manage topologies and aggregate spatial data.

Complex and comprehensive

This software is not easy to use and requires proper training. The extensive help guide is useful, but it’s better to have detailed in-person instruction. Utilize automated business workflows and report templates. for increased productivity.

You can open a variety of file types on AutoCAD for Windows including DXF, the interchange file format of DWG. The software allows you to convert PDF files to DXF and SVG, CGM, and HPGL files.

With the quick view displays thumbnails instead of filenames which makes it easier to navigate and find various files.You can also customize a quick properties menu to reduce the steps in order to access all of your project data and user information.

AutoCAD users can manage extremely precise details and measurements. You can customize texts, add annotation features, and add dimension styles. Enhance design analysis by tying in data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Your can create real-life renditions and appearances by applying lighting, shading, edges and materials. View the interior of your 3D models. The program features a photo studio, base, projected, and section views. With photorealistic rendering, you will have a solid blueprint.

User interface

You can personalize your workspace by resizing and enlarging dialog boxes which allows you to view your designs with less scrolling and specify tooltips for less distraction. You’ll work in layers and be shown a message when you try to use the delete key.


Once you have a basic understanding of the functions, it will be easier to make use of the array of tools including. The interface clearly displays a menu bar, drawing area, a command window, several toolbars, layout tabs, and model tabs.

Drawing tools include components, and you can draw a line, circle, rectangle, and polyline. You can trim, cut, erase, and transform any elements. Use these tools seamlessly with customized keyboard shortcuts.

As you’re adding various elements, you can track changes, mark up designs, and transition between 2D and 3D files. You can measure parts and make calculations for areas and elevations.

View and record

With the interactive tool, ViewCube, you can rotate and orient solid and surface models in AutoCAD. You select the face, edge, and corner of the model and analyze it from any angle. The SteeringWheel tool allows you to customize and add commands to create a walk-through of your model.

Share designs

AutoCAD allows you to easily share your design views and drawings through the cloud so that you can collaborate with team-members, investors, and other project stakeholders while protecting all of your data. You can send your models to Print Studio and prepare materials for 3D printing.


PDF documents made through AutoCAD software are smaller, and in the most recent version, you are allowed to include hyperlinks in the document. You can preview the dimensions and view designs more clearly and in more detail.

Issues and alternatives

Sometimes AutoCAD doesn’t automatically update related files. When you change a detail, you have to manually alter the plan. Be careful and make sure to continuously refresh your changes.

AutoCad is one of the most comprehensive, expensive, and powerful pieces of software that you would ever need to purchase. Not everyone will need a program with this price tag. If you are looking for a simple and free alternative program you can try FreeCad or LibreCAD.

An essential design tool

For many professionals, AutoCAD download for PC is a necessary tool for productivity. For precision and collaboration, this is an exceptional software. Learning this software is an extensive process that requires training and practice. AutoDesk typically waits a year to release the new version, AutoCAD 2020 comes with new tools, and has a dark blue interface. There is a new Quick Measure Tool and blocks pallets for enhancements.

Create stunning designs and improve collaboration with innovative productivity tools in AutoCAD® software.

Experience a more intuitive, collaborative workflow with new tools in AutoCAD 3D software that help you to:

- Import the geometry from a PDF file into your drawing as an AutoCAD object.
- Share your drawing views with stakeholders more easily by publishing them to the cloud.
- Create and edit centerlines and center marks more efficiently.
- Manage all of your software updates with ease in the Autodesk desktop app.
- Customize your settings to best suit your needs, and easily migrate them to a modern and informative interface.
- Save time by attaching and viewing Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue models directly inside AutoCAD.


  • Advanced 3D workspace
  • Manage complex projects
  • Share designs through the cloud
  • Extremely precise details and measures


  • Requires extensive training
  • Very complex software that takes time to use


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    por que cobra mucho UTOCAD ES muy rata acaso por eso se puede utilizar fácil

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    This AUTO CAD APP is very nice, i wish to draw some complex sketches, hope this works conveniently.

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    it good experience for me i loved it
    i suggest this software for all electrical engineers

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